Water Wells

The City of Richmond's water is supplied from seven wells owned by the city and operated by Public Works personnel. Combined, these wells can pump at a rate of over 1,800 gallons per minute. Operations are in accordance with the strict requirements of the Public Health Division of the State Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).

Operation Reports

Monthly operation reports are submitted to the DEQ for review. Bacteriological samples are taken from all wells and from the distribution system each month. These water samples are collected and analyzed by the Macomb County Health Department. Copies of the test results are sent to the city and the DEQ. The Federal Safe Water Drinking Act requires several other types of testing to be done by public water supplies over different time periods. The DEQ insures that these tests are performed and that the city remains in compliance with all requirements.


Richmond does not add fluoride to the water. However, fluoride does occur naturally in the water. The levels of fluoride and hardness are as follows:

  • Fluoride 1.14 mg/L
  • Hardness (as CaCO3) 207.0 mg/L (11.69 grains)

Consumer Confidence Report (CCR)

In 1998, a Federal rule was passed to ensure that consumers of community water supplies receive annual documentation of drinking water quality. The City of Richmond provides your drinking water and is pleased to present you with this annual water quality report. Our goal is to provide you with a safe and dependable water supply. The CCR will illustrate that we are achieving this goal. For the City's current CCR, please click here.

Partial Chemical Analyses

The City of Richmond is required to have partial chemical analyses testing for all of our wells. Some of the test results are not required to be included in the Consumer Confidence Report, but may be useful to some of our residents. For the City's current Partial Chemical Analyses, please click here.