Yard Waste Collection

Yard waste, including leaves, grass, pruned branches, is collected by the contractor at curbside, provided that it is in approved containers or paper composting bags. Biodegradable bags, other than paper composting bags, are not acceptable.

Approved Containers / Waste

Yard waste containers shall be metal or durable polyvinyl with handles, in good condition, and shall have a capacity of not less than ten gallons nor more than 32 gallons, and no single container shall weigh more than 50 pounds when full. Yard waste containers shall have the approved decal for yard waste affixed to them. Where approved composting bags are used, it will only be necessary to place the composting bags and contents at the curb. Each residential unit is limited to a maximum of ten containers and/or composting bags per week.

Brush and tree limbs will be picked up provided the are securely tied in bundles not over 3 feet in length, nor over 50 pounds in weight. Christmas trees do not have to be bundled and will be picked up following Christmas.


Yard waste will be picked up once per week, during the months of April through November, on the same day as solid waste and recycling removal.