Snow Removal


City Code requires property owners to keep their sidewalks clear of snow, ice and other obstructions. Doing so will allow children, postal workers, and other pedestrians a safer place to walk than in the street where an accident may occur. Cleaning off your sidewalk may be the reason a family member, friend or neighbor didn't get hurt.


The Department of Public Works is on call 24/7. When called in for snow and ice control, crews start plowing and salting major streets and school areas, followed as soon as possible by residential streets.

Seasonal Parking Restrictions

On curb streets, we must enforce a seasonal parking restriction. From December 1, through April 1, no parking is allowed on any curb street between 3 a.m. and 6 a.m. If your vehicle is parked on a curb street while we are plowing snow, it would assist us greatly if you would please move it.

Snow Management

Plows may push snow into your driveway approaches. This cannot be helped. Please do not shovel, push, or blow snow from sidewalks and driveways into the street. In addition to creating a hazard for motorists, this action violates state law and you may be cited. Place the snow in the public median (between sidewalk and street) in a manner which does not block a sidewalk, obstruct vision, or create a hazard for vehicles. If you utilize a snow removal company, please inform the company of this requirement.